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According to a disturbing number of its readers, a woman who is being bothered by an overly-“friendly” guy at the gym should shut up and enjoy the attention.

One commenter urges women not to “play into the stereotype that if a guy isn’t ‘to our standards’, we won’t give him the time of day if he compliments us.”

Another manages to sneak in the recommended daily allowance of  FitSugar Fat Hate: “there’s nothing wrong with getting more attention after losing weight. admit it – you were overweight, which is unnatural from evolutionary point of you.” A third joins in the chorus and compares being creeped out by a guy who won’t stop making unsolicited comments about your body to judging someone by their weight.

I wish I could say comments of this nature were unusual there, but sadly, they’re not.

OP, if you happen to cruise by here: remember your body does not exist for the sole purpose of entertaining men. Not saying anything to him out of fear of feeding some bullshit stereotype about women just feeds his mistaken assumption that he has a God-given right to stare at womens’ bodies whether they like it or not.

If you’re not interested in the guy, tell him to leave you alone. If he won’t, bring it to the attention of the gym staff. If that doesn’t work, find another gym. Your safety is always, always, ALWAYS more important than some guy’s ego.

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