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So I went to a real running store today to have someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about tell me what sort of shoes I should be wearing.

The store in question: On The Run’s Clear Lake location.

The short version: A++++++++++ WOULD BUY AGAIN

The longer version: That store has the nicest people working in it, I swear. I told the nice guy what I was there for, he had me take my shoes off and walk around so he could see how my feet worked (apparently my feet are quite a bit flatter than I thought, and apparently I am quite a bit worse of an overpronator than I thought as evidenced by even my stepmom letting out an unprompted “oh wow” when the guy had me do the squat test to see how far my feet flopped in), he measured my feet (so apparently 6 1/2 really is the size I need to be in) and then he brought me some shoes to try on.

There was a pair of Asics that I wanted to like, me being an Asics fan and all, but didn’t quite feel right and a pair of Mizuno somethings that rubbed my toes in ways I didn’t like, and then there were these…

ooooooh…which were Brooks Adrenaline GTS-9s, and which were also awesome. And which also, unlike some running shoes I’ve seen, did not look like a box of highlighter pens threw up all over them.

And which also also ended up coming home with me! Yay.

I was hoping they’d have Newtons, since as a midfoot striker they are most relevant to my interests, but I think these will be fine. I was also hoping they’d have the World’s Fugliest But Bestest Sports Bra in stock because I could use a second one of those but sadly, no.

Still, I will certainly be going back there to throw more money at them in the future.

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