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On Saturday evenings, my stepmom and I go to a certain Mexican restaurant for dinner.

They have a thing they call a Sabroso. It is a fried tortilla covered in fajita meat and chile con queso with guacamole and lettuce and tomatoes and stuff on top. I’ve had it many times. Just… not since I started running on Sunday mornings.

Helpful hint:

Do not under any circumstances eat a Sabroso the night before you run.

No matter how many times you go to the bathroom before you head out, it will be one time too few.

Just trust me on this one.

(okay, well, nothing really bad happened, I made it home fine, but “potty emergency imminent” red alerts going off for the entire 35 minutes does not make for a good run.)

(and actually you should really probably not eat one of these ever but they’re so good.)

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