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New stuff!

The time to replace my Adrenaline GTS 9s had come. How did I know this? I knew this because around mile 1.5 of the EP5K, I realized I had sprouted a blister in a place where I had never, ever, ever, EVER gotten a blister from running before.

So after trying on a number of new and exciting shoes… I ended up with a shiny new pair of Adrenaline GTS 10s. Well, I do like the way they fit my teeny tiny narrow flat feet.

Freezin’ race!

Last week I ran a 5K in near-freezing temperatures. I had been told it would be in the 60s that day. Which it was… just, y’ know, NOT UNTIL WELL AFTER THE RACE, when I went outside to wait for my stepmom so we could go eat dinner armed with hat and gloves and jacket. “WELL, THIS IS JUST COMPLETE HORSESHIT,” I said as I went back in to change into cooler clothing.

Also I ran that race with a goodie bag hanging on my arm. I was told there would be a gear check. If there was one, I didn’t see it. Oh well.


I am running my first 10K in less than a month. In costume. AAAAAAAAAHHHHH. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH. AAAAAH.

…okay, no, although I will be walking parts of it I know I can do it, and if I can run the entirety of a 5K with a heavy bag hanging off my arm in near-freezing weather and nearly PR in spite of all that shit, I’m sure I can run/walk a 10K in a pair of Tyvek coveralls (I will hack them off at the knees if I have to) and a small hydration backpack disguised, with the lightest possible materials, as a proton pack. …yes, I am running in a Ghostbusters uniform, there’s a costume contest with a “movie theme” division, if I can’t bring home some actual race hardware I can at least gun for a costume prize, shut up.


I started week 5 of Freeway to 10K yesterday and nearly died. WTF, I thought, why is this so hard all of a sudden? And then I realized that the pace it had me on was something like a 9:30 mile, when left to my own devices I run a 12:00 mile on a good day, and there were six seven-minute intervals of my ass running a 9:30 pace. Do the math. SHIT MAN NO WONDER I WAS DYING.

Oh, I ran all the run intervals, all right. I ran every fucking second of every fucking one of them. I had to bump my walk breaks up to two minutes instead of the measly single minute they give you, but by God I ran every second of every run interval.

More new stuff!

I spent my tax refund on a new raceworthy bike! It is by no means top-of-the-line, but it’s light and fast and it fits my little short self and it will do. I rode it around a little Saturday–after fifteen or so years of riding nothing but mountain bikes and cruisers, a road bike is going to take some adjusting to.

I also spent a chunk of the remainder on a Moving Comfort Maia bra, since I’d heard good things about them.


I will say this. As an elliptical/cycling/weightlifting/other low-impact activity bra, it’s awesome. As an everyday bra, it’s PERFECT.  I had to go back and get another one just to wear as a normal bra.

As a running bra, on its own, it’s crap. Sorry. I love the bra, it’s just not worth a shit for running.


If I put it on, and then put the Enell on over it… HOLY IMMOBILIZED BOOBS, BATMAN.  Alone, neither of these bras could tame the Twin Towers. Together, THEY ARE MIGHTY VS. BOUNCE.  Sure, there’s still some jiggle, but WOW.

And finally, my position on the barefoot-vs-shod running debate!

does that about sum it up?

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I ran yesterday! Like, outside! And I didn’t die! Even better, NOTHING HURT! It was awesome. I can safely say I’m good to race next weekend.

Also I broke down and got an elliptical.

Getting the damn thing into the back of my stepmom’s Jeep, getting the damn thing OUT of the back of my stepmom’s Jeep, and then getting the damn thing up the stairs and into my apartment was a hardcore workout in itself. Assembly was a breeze, but I am mechanically inclined so YMMV. I did have one moment of WTF when I noticed a battery compartment on the back of the computer, went to put two AAs in it, and realized there were no contacts. It was a vestigial battery compartment. It serves no purpose. I had to stand there and scratch my head at this for a moment. Its actual power source is an AC adapter that plugs in the back of the machine, for which I will require an extension cord. It works just fine unpowered, and I chugged on it in that state for half an hour this morning, but I want to play with the fancy things.

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So I went to a real running store today to have someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about tell me what sort of shoes I should be wearing.

The store in question: On The Run’s Clear Lake location.

The short version: A++++++++++ WOULD BUY AGAIN

The longer version: That store has the nicest people working in it, I swear. I told the nice guy what I was there for, he had me take my shoes off and walk around so he could see how my feet worked (apparently my feet are quite a bit flatter than I thought, and apparently I am quite a bit worse of an overpronator than I thought as evidenced by even my stepmom letting out an unprompted “oh wow” when the guy had me do the squat test to see how far my feet flopped in), he measured my feet (so apparently 6 1/2 really is the size I need to be in) and then he brought me some shoes to try on.

There was a pair of Asics that I wanted to like, me being an Asics fan and all, but didn’t quite feel right and a pair of Mizuno somethings that rubbed my toes in ways I didn’t like, and then there were these…

ooooooh…which were Brooks Adrenaline GTS-9s, and which were also awesome. And which also, unlike some running shoes I’ve seen, did not look like a box of highlighter pens threw up all over them.

And which also also ended up coming home with me! Yay.

I was hoping they’d have Newtons, since as a midfoot striker they are most relevant to my interests, but I think these will be fine. I was also hoping they’d have the World’s Fugliest But Bestest Sports Bra in stock because I could use a second one of those but sadly, no.

Still, I will certainly be going back there to throw more money at them in the future.

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