So this morning I woke up to go run and noticed it was a tad chilly in the apartment. If my well-insulated apartment, in which I hardly even have to run the heater in the winter, is “a tad chilly,” that means it must be COLD outside.

But that’s okay, because I have a brand-new long-sleeved tech shirt and some brand new tights, and surely that will be all I need!

Ahahahaha. Haha. ha. Hahaha.

Me: doot de doo okay well it’s a little chilly [chatterchatter] but I’ll be fine once I start running, and–

Wind: Y hai thar! I’ma blow up the back of your shirt now, k? ๐Ÿ˜€


I didn’t even make it out the complex gate before I turned around and went back up to the apartment to don a light jacket and some shorts over my tights (which looked dorky as all hell, I’m sure, but at least my butt was warm).

I ended up shucking off the jacket and tying it around my waist after about the first mile, but I was grateful for it after my cooldown, which was, uh… exceptionally cool.

Anyway, I finished week 7 of Gateway to 8K today. Week 8 is exactly the same, except with different music. Three 15-minute intervals with one minute in between. It’s pretty easy. Which is something I never really thought I’d say about running for 45 minutes.

I just don’t feel it necessary to blog about every single run now, for some reason–I guess it’s because getting my butt out of bed two hours early to run has just stopped being something blogworthy. It’s just something I do three days out of the week now, and I just don’t feel the need to go HAY WORLD I RAN TODAY anymore, any more than I would feel the need to go HAY WORLD I BRUSHED MY TEEF TODAY, and I guess that means it’s going to stick for a while.

Still, every once in a while, exceptionally cool things happen. I saw a huge-ass meteor Tuesday morning! Which I wouldn’t have seen if I’d been curled up in my bed asleep. That’s pretty awesome.

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