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Well, this thing is good enough for public consumption, I guess. There's still some shit I need to move over from the old Patties, like the freebies and links and stuff. Still, all the fic is here and all the recipes (and then some) are here, so there you go.


Soooo you might notice down at the bottom of the menu sidebar, there's now a login/register thingy. I may use this to hide stuff from the general public. Go ahead, register. I won't send you Viagra ads. I promise.

Also, I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE THIS TEMPLATE A LOT, I'm not just going "meh, good enough" and turning shit pink, it's nice and clean and simple and see that header image? It changes. I think I've made about twenty of them, it's a fun way to recycle crap photography and art I'm not crazy enough about to put in the proper gallery.

And last but not least... COMMENTS, WE HAS THEM. For now, they're open to the whole world, registered or not. I would like to not have to change that. Please behave.

Last Updated on Monday, 29 December 2008 15:40