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There are things here that are not meant for children or the easily offended. All such things are clearly marked with warnings a five-year-old child could comprehend. If you need help understanding these warnings, a five-year-old child will be provided to you upon request. [offer expires May 25, 1980.]

If you know you will be offended by something, click on it, view it, are offended, and decide I'm going to Hell, it is your own damn fault. Flame me for it if you like, I could use the entertainment and so could the hundreds of other people who will see your flame after I've stuck it up here for the world to see.

Exception: text containing certain words, including but not limited to "shit," "piss," "fuck," "cunt," "cocksucker," "motherfucker," and/or "tits," is not prefaced with a warning. If the preceding sentence has offended you, you should probably go somewhere else.


You may take anything you want off here and save it to your hard drive for your own personal use. You may also take things off here and display them on your own website, on your own server, provided you give me a link to and some credit where it is due. You may archive whatever fiction you like, provided you give a link and credit and leave ALL content warnings intact if the fic is rated R or NC-17. You may post my art to 4chan and other such imageboards--yes, I did say "you may." I would prefer you to give sauce with your post, but I understand how imageboards work and that sometimes Anonymous forgets. It's cool. Just don't say you made it or I will kick your ass. 

You may NOT use any artwork that is not in the Freebies section in your artwork in any way, i.e. using my 3D art as a background for your drawing or cutting bits out of my non-stock photographs to stick on your photomanips. Don't even think about it. 

[EXCEPTION: Macros. Knock yourselves out. As far as I'm concerned, macros = parody = fair use. If you see something I have done that you think is macro-worthy, fuck, go for it. I'd appreciate it if you let me know and maybe give some credit if you can, but yeah, macro away. :D]

You may mirror my Sims stuff on your Sims stuff site as long as your site is free and you drop me a link. You may include my Sims stuff in your packaged lots or Sims as long as your site is free and you drop me a link. If you run a paysite, don't even ask. I don't like you. Please locate the nearest fire and die in it. If you run a paysite and you put my stuff on it and make money off my free stuff, you won't like what'll happen when I find out. Four letters for you: PMBD. No, you do not get to make spendin' money off MY FUCKING WORK, you fucking parasites. Stay the fuck away from my stuff.

Do not let me catch you stealing my bandwidth, failing to give me credit and link-love outside of an imageboard-type environment, or, God forbid, trying to pass my stuff off as your own. If I don't catch you, enough people know my work around the Net that someone will, and chances are, that someone will come running to me. Baseball bats and plane tickets are cheaper than lawyers. If you rip me off, I will personally kick your ass.

...okay, maybe I won't actually kick your ass, but I sure can make you miserable via e-mails to your ISP/webhost's Abuse departments, public humiliation, and fun .htaccess tricks.


Use freely. That's what it's there for. If you use it in a non-commercial application, I don't even care if you credit. I would appreciate a "lookit! I used your stuff on this!" e-mail, because it's cool to see what people do with my stuff, but it's not necessary.

If you use it in a commercial application, the "look what I did with your stuff" e-mail is mandatory, but that's the only rule. I would like to see the things you've been paid for that my stuff helped create because that's potential resume material.

EXCEPTION: You may NOT use my brushes, textures, meshes, or anything else to create Sims custom content that will be placed on a paysite. Not even with credit. Not even with a link. Not even with an offer of a free subscription. Don't bother e-mailing to ask permission, it will be denied. I don't like you. If I do catch you using my free stuff to make Sims paysite content, you won't like what will happen. Again, four letters for you: PMBD.

If you package my free stuff up and SELL IT AS IS, I will be angry. If you plop my free stuff on your website (or even better, hotlink it) and try to pass it off as yours, I will be angry.


  • Using some brushes or a piece of stock art to make a print you later sell on DeviantArt or whatever = cool.
  • Using a 3D model of mine in your Poser scene to make a print you later sell on DeviantArt or whatever or a movie or some such = cool.
  • Zipping up raw stock images, .abr files, texture maps, or .obj files of mine and plunking the .zip down in the Renderosity marketplace and not even having the decency to split the shit with me = I WILL KICK YOUR ASS.
  • Putting my stuff on your site, claiming you made it, and demanding that users credit YOU for it = I WILL REALLY KICK YOUR ASS. Bonus points for hotlinking the shit.


I don't own the game/series/book/whatever I'm writing/drawing/skinning/whatever about, and I don't claim to. If you are in some way connected to one of the companies that does own what I'm fanworking and would like me to stop, have the common decency to ask me like a civilized human being and I will. Crying to Dreamhost about copyright infringement and/or threatening to sue me without sending me a "hey, please don't do that" e-mail first will get stuff taken down, yes, but it will also piss me off and ensure I never spend another cent on your products.

Required legal drivel regarding Sims stuff: this site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

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