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  • Photoshop Brushes   ( 14 Articles )

    These brush sets were made with Photoshop 7 PC and are known to work just fine in 7, CS, and CS2. If you have Photoshop 6 or below, CS3, or a Mac, these brushes may or may not work. You are on your own. 

    Save to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Presets\Brushes, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Presets\Brushes or C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 7\Presets\Brushes, whichever applies to you. Change the drive letter if necessary.

    Note: Some brush sets are made from stuff that isn't mine. Wherever I've used something I didn't photograph or draw, I say so.

  • Textures   ( 7 Articles )

    All my textures are fresh baked from scratch without additives, preservatives, or anything I didn't photograph or paint, just for you.

    NOTICE: You MAY use these as-is as website backgrounds as long as you put them on your own space, but I'm telling you right now you really don't want to. They are huge and will take forever to load and dialuppers will gather torches and pitchforks and come break your door down and haul you out of your house by your feet and string you up by your thumbs and let crows eat your liver. Trust me.

    If you hotlink these, I will embarrass you.

  • Sims 2 Stuff   ( 20 Articles )
    Please don't include my stuff in your packages unless you ask first. You can mirror it, as long as you give credit and a link as long as the site is free. If you DO run a paysite, you may not mirror my stuff.  Not even with credit, not even with a link, not even with an offer of a free subscription. You may kindly go fuck yourself ♥
  • Poser Stuff   ( 2 Articles )
    Please read item descriptions to ensure compatibility with whatever version of Poser you are running. If you are running Poser 7 you are on your own; I do not have it and am not planning on buying it anytime soon. If you are running DAZ Studio you are on your own; I do not have it and do not feel like downloading it. If you have a Mac you are on your own.