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Fan Fiction

Think I'll Go Eat Worms

User Rating: / 4

PG-13 • gen

Dean picked up something marked java creme foam bath and wasn't sure whether he was supposed to wash his hair with it or dip donuts in it.

Thirty-One Fucking Flavors, right here in the bathtub. Jesus

WARNINGS: Bad words, grossness involving small creatures found in tequila, Mary Sue.

In which Dean needs some help with a job and Andy is a bitch.


The Plaque of Doom

User Rating: / 1

Ultima VII • PG • gen

"That is precisely the thing to do, Avatar!"

In which Lord British croaks. Curse you, Yancey-Hausmann!

Warning: character death, obvs.


The Pink Potion

User Rating: / 1

Ficbit • Ultima VI • PG • gen

None of them had ever seen a pink potion.

The ever-handy Guide to Potions made no mention of it, and no matter how many times Shamino flipped through the volume, a page concerning this odd draught still did not materialize. Jaana and Mariah took turns sniffing, squnting, and swirling, and both ultimately gave up trying to figure out just what this was.

"Well," Selece finally sighed, eyeing the odd liquid, "someone's just going to have to drink it."

Safety tip: when drinking a strange potion to see what it does... don't drink the whole thing.


Been Done Solid

User Rating: / 1

R • gen

Fuck, if worse came to worse, maybe he could get a job as a model for Lisa Frank.

WARNING: Mary Sewage, bad words, brief Sam/Not-Andy-OFC makin' out 

In which Sam fucks off to college and pisses off a Mary Sue old family friend.


Channel Surfing

PG • gen

And even now, Maria did not appear to be aware of the fact that two Pyramid Heads stood within spitting distance of her, and the Pyramid Heads did not seem to care that there was an easy target strung up between them.

If anything, they looked... bored. Like they were waiting for something. Or someone. Someone who wasn’t coming.

One possible ending of SH2.

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