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[SPN] Dear Fandom at Large,


You are now officially giving Harry Potter and Final Fantasy a run for their money in the Most Ridiculously Retarded Fandom Olympics. Please stop it.

I think it’s time we started seeing other people. It’s not you. It’s me. …okay, no, actually, it is you. You’re fuckin’ nuts.

When you’re not bitching about what a misogynist pig Dean is for saying OMGMEAN things to a) a chick that stole something v. important from him, called the FBI on him, had his car towed, and otherwise fucked with him just for fun and b) a demon, you’re being misogynist pigs yourselves at every remotely attractive female character on the show because they get in the way of your Mary Sue and slash fantasies.

I’ll give you Jo–she was kind of an idiot, and there’s that thing where she kind of made Sam not exist in “No Exit,” which I didn’t like. But I triple-dog-dare you to find me one, one Bela or Ruby hater who wouldn’t have experienced spontaneous ovarian combustion at the appearance of a hot, intelligent, kind of assholish male artifact thief with a British accent/demon wearing a hot male meatsuit whispering in Sam’s ear all season.

Thanks for reminding me why I preferred to stay out of the fandoms-at-large and remain in a little corner of the Internet inhabited by me and people I already know aren’t batshit crazy.


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