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Supernatural: Witch’s Canyon

About two-thirds of the way through, and will probably only finish it because it’s in the bathroom and courtesy of some sort of mild stomach bug I’ve been spending a lot of time in there this week.

The tl;dr version: Witch’s Canyon is to Supernatural as Dying Inside is to Silent Hill.

Oh yeah, I went there. It’s that bad.

Oh, it’s got its bright spots, but the dialogue is awkward and clunky (particularly Sam and Dean, in which case it’s also occasionally uncomfortably OOC) and it has a nasty habit of introducing new characters with three or four pages of minutiae about their everyday lives and habits… and then immediately killing them. It’s like the author went “shit, a little short on word count, where can I pad this thing out?”

I believe what I’m trying to say here is: meh.

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