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Man, even on DSL some of this shit is taking forever to load.

So this one actually plays less like your average ARG and more like a Neopets plot. In fact, it starts off with a puzzle exactly like the puzzle that kicked off the Lost Isle plot. But that’s okay. It’s keeping me entertained.

Chapter 2’s “fix the chart plotter” puzzle had made me go “D:!!!” with the time limit at first… until I noticed that they hang the puzzle right out in front of you to look at before you click “start,” and all you have to do is draw the damn thing and work it out on a piece of paper before you click “start,” no problem. Which is what I am doing on my Hipster PDA right now.

[edit] …oh wow, and here I was thinking the whole thing was at most a week or so old, seeing as how they had a special commercial on a brand new show last night to plug a site that led to it. No, by the look of the forum which I finally looked at because the Season 4 Clue Hunt puzzle in chapter 3 is b0rken and I was wondering if it was just me or others had the same problem, it’s at least a month old and all these things I thought I was discovering anew and writing down to compile into a Mah Findingz, Let Me Show You Them post later had already been found and analyzed within inches of their lives weeks ago. Maybe there have been other special commercials, I don’t know, I watch approximately fuckall on ABC so I have not seen any myself, but you know what? If you’re going to put on a special commercial in the middle of a new show that is sort of entertaining but also sort of dumb and you’re going to expect people to sit through a new show they’ve never seen and which isn’t even remotely like the show connected to the special commercial, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for fans of the show connected to the special commercial to expect the bread crumb trail that commercial drops to lead to something that is

A) new, and
B) in working order, or at least not
C) a month old, completely broken in critical places, and already completely solved and deconstructed and psychoanalyzed by 99% of the people who knew about it before the special commercial aired.

I guess I’ll watch the rest of the video bits and play the puzzles that, y’know, actually work. Nice one, ABC. FEH.

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y u do dat, ABC :(


Yeah, so I guess I’m going to be pirating the last four new episodes of Supernatural. Son of a bitch. In case you haven’t gathered this, I haven’t seen tonight’s yet. I watched Lost. Spoil me at your own peril. Thank you.

So! Lost continues to be all kinds of fucked up. I watched it with the laptop on my lap, collecting all my cryptic and disjointed little bullet points.

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