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This is how I roll

wee paper prince


His head was much harder than it looked, but not a bad job for a papern00b if I do say so myself. I glued the base down on a 2-inch aluminum disc, which we have in abundance at work, for stability.


I also have a .rar containing a Katamari and a shitload of cousins.

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Hell yeah.

Sword of Kings GET


That is all.

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How to make an awesome Harry Potter-ish wand …from a sheet of paper, some tape, some hot glue, and some paint.

I have two finished and two cooling in the bathroom as we speak, why do you ask?

(the same dude has an improved version with a UV light in the tip, fuckin’ A.)

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o damn.

I don’t remember a single word said at Pirates’ Court…(cut for Pirate Master spoilers, now that I’ve managed to actually watch the entire episode arrrrgh wtf with the RealPlayer version only loading the first three parts) Read more

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What the hell, CBS!?


Well, that would explain why 48 Hours crap was coming on in Pirate Master’s time slot this evening.

I am terribly vexed, unbelieving CBS.

Well, guess I’ll watch it tomorrow at work. >_<

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I was planning to order the damn book off Amazon like I did book 6, thanks to the horrid experience I had with the book 5 midnight party.

And then yesterday my mom and I were at Sam’s gathering birthday party supplies and food… and there it was, right by the door. ZOOM grab book throw in basket tell Mom to guard with life while I go buy us something to drink.

This is how I spent last night curled up on a sofa with a can of diet cream soda sniffling over a childrens’ book.


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Tonight’s life lesson, courtesy of Pirate Master:

Kissing ass will get yours thrown overboard. (cut for spoily)

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Yeah, so…


…I’m working on BoT again, finally. I built the next room of the Catacombs this afternoon, it just needs furnished; then I need to build a bar.


Oh you stupid stupid girls.

(Pirate Master spoilers off the starboard bow) Read more

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