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So I’ve been replaying Xenosaga Ep. 1.

Guess who forgot to go back to Tower 2 in the Song of Nephilim and save before she went up against two huge bossen?

Guess who’s now re-replaying most of the Song of Nephilim?


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oh, my lovely sims

“Hey, Sammy? You mind taking the trash out?”

“What, now!? Have you looked out a window lately?”

“A little rain’s not gonna kill you.”

“Dude, the people across the street are rounding up mated pairs of animals! You want the trash out right this minute, you take it out.”

“Okay, okay, let’s settle this like grownups…”

“Heh. Yeah. Okay.” *rock*

“Heh.” *paper!*

“What th-”

“HA HA oh damn, I just remembered we didn’t bring the rain gear in, here’s the newspaper, try not to drown out there 😀 😀 :D”

“I hate you.”


“Oh shit, we missed check-out! Hey, Sammy? You wanna run down to the office and pay the nice lady for another day?”

“Oh hell no. I already went out in the thunderstorm once. Your turn.”

“Nu uh. I, uh, think I’m coming down with something. Uh… achoo?”


“…okay, okay, let’s do this.” *rock*

“Heh.” *PAPER*


“Oh damn, sorry, I forgot to get the umbrellas last time. Here’s the soggy newspaper. Oh, and can you get me a Dr. Pepper out of the machine while you’re out there? Thanks so much.”



[I swear I did not make them do this. They just up and started rock-paper-scissoring right there in the kitchen. I died.

And no, I don’t remember why Dean was running around in his underwear.]

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oh shi-

Here, have some Sim demon eyes!

I am still working on the Ceiling Demon.

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Lost: WHAT

holy crap spoiler for tonight

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*fangirl screech* *kermitflail*

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the game knows


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