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Supernatural: IT IS DONE.


I thought I would never get these two to fuck, I swear.

Warnings: Bad words, Wincest, HOLY CRAP PR0N, mush.
Open Secrets, part 3

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Supernatural: Fic

Been Done Solid, in which Sam fucks off to college, pisses a family friend off, and gets a metaphysical kick in the butt for it.

This was not originally going to see the light of intarwebs, it was just something I poked while I tried to make actual fic come out in the other RoughDraft pane, and I wasn’t originally going to show it to anyone. But then it started making me go XD a lot, and then I thought eh, what the hell and cleaned it up for public consumption.

Remember Andy, mentioned in The Internet Is For Porn? I kinda liked her. So I hauled her out of mothballs and let her fuck with Sam for a while.

Also, there is a visual aid to illustrate something that happens toward the end.

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Supernatural: Fic

Well, I kind of ended up splitting this part in twain, so it’ll be a three-parter.

Warnings: Porn. Wincest of the Sam/Dean variety. Bad words. Less angst than Part 1, but still angst and woe.
Open Secrets, part 2

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