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Silent Hill Experience

Some neat things contained therein:

1. Fukuro, Ki-No-Ko, and Usagi videos!

2. UFO endings from SH1 and SH2, and the SH2 Dog ending. Wish it also included the SH3 UFO ending. Would have been overjoyed if it contained the lost SH4 UFO ending; they must have planned the damn thing at some point because there’s a Channeling Stone buried in the data (saw that with my own eyes while poking stuff in the PC version demo with texture explorers and shit not too long ago).

3. Interviews with Akira Yamaoka and Christophe Gans.

4. Trailers from all four games plus the movie.

5. Dying Inside in its entirety, which I haven’t bothered to look at.

6. And the most amazing thing of all… The Hunger, a new IDW Silent Hill comic that’s ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD.

Yes, you read that right.

No, that is not sarcasm.

Yes, I am looking out my window to see if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are trotting around out there.


Well, really good with the exception of some oversharing on what the God of Silent Hill and its buddies actually are; but this comic is REALLY GOOD other than that. The art is GORGEOUS. Someone must have finally chained Scott Ciencin’s ass to a chair and made him play the damn games. There’s some monster-mixing, but not the “I can’t come up with anything original and good so here’s Pyramid Head again” kind. The plot is actually mostly good. The dialogue is mostly good. Ciencin seems to have broken away from the “when in doubt, make someone say ‘fuck'” thing he’s always done. I think there were maybe two F-bombs in the whole comic. Did I mention that the art is fucking gorgeous? I don’t know who did this one, but IDW needs to pay this guy phat bank, buy him a pony, give him blowjobs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, whatever will keep him happy and in their stable forever and ever because he’s awesome. The Whately guy that keeps popping up in the other comics is a major player in this one, and MY GOD HE’S HOT. Fanbrain actually fired off a few “omg Whately/Walter EVIL OTP” bombs while I was watching this.

I say “watching,” because the comics play out more like cartoons than static comics, with bits of various Silent Hill music playing in the background. It’s pretty nifty how they did this.

7. And then there’s the interface that gets you to all this shit, which is pretty neat. It claims to be Midwich Elementary, but doesn’t look all that much like it. Whatever. It’s pretty cool.

Definitely worth the $20.

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Lost: Finale

Non-spoily summary:

What the fuck!?

Seriously, what the fucking fuck!? Oh, spoilers.

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So… I bought Devour off Amazon. Hey, it was six bucks counting shipping, why not. It arrived today.

Quick and totally spoiler-free review:

The Good: Jensen Ackles says a few words they don’t allow on network TV, gets laid (very quick fully-clothed sneak-attack sex, sadly, but some seriously sexy noises are made), and is generally hotter than any human being has any right to be ever.

The Bad: Everything else.

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Supernatural: OMFG.


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Lost: OMFG.

So I actually managed to finagle good enough reception to watch tonight’s episode live and not have to leech it tomorrow.

Good thing too, because if I hadn’t Stepmom would have been doing the “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG” dance at me again, and I would have had to make “shh” noises and gestures.
Spoilers for tonight

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Lost: SOS

spoilers and shit

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Supernatural: still more damn fic

So then I got to thinking about the Sam’s side of the airplane nightmare story…

Warnings: Milder spoilers for “Phantom Traveler,” bad words, slightly bigger hints of Wincest.
Both Feet on the Ground: Counterpoint

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