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In perusing Japanese Silent Hill fanart sites, I’ve run across a very amusing nickname for Pyramid Head:


…or, for you non-Japanese-readers: ▲-san. Yes, just like that. With the triangle. I’m not sure why, but this just cracks me right the fuck up.

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Shadow Hearts: Covenant – More Babble

I vant to drink your BLOOD! …hehe, just kidding

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Shadow Hearts: Covenant – Observations

Having finished the game tonight (WAAAAAH, I say), I now start a New Game+ and my usual bullet list of shit.
In the name of Honor, this butt!

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Shadow Hearts: Covenant: AAAAAAAAUGH

I’ve got the Pedometer on Blanca, the Step Doubler on Gepetto, and the Step Tripler on Anastasia, and I have these three in a party with Lucia and have named the party “Level Sluts,” because that’s what I’m doing with them. Also walking around and racking up steps towards Karin’s ultimate armor.

I turn the game on. 6000someodd steps.

I go running around the Rhondda mine for a while. And get lost. And get unlost and wander around for about an hour, kicking the crap out of the occasional critters just to build up my Ring Perfect points. I finally come out and truck off to Florence to check steps. 8900someodd. Great! Almost there! Now where have I not been in a while? Ah, Gallery of the Dead, let’s go hang out there for a while!

So I’m farting around in there, and monsters come. Just for the hell of it, I have Lucia pick a Tarot card.

I don’t remember exactly which card it was. I do remember that it was reversed. And, thanks to the Seven Goddamn Stars thing, it was also Special.

Which meant that it killed every last one of us dead as fucking doornails.

After the first two characters dropped, I realized I had not saved since I started the game up tonight.

*headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk*

Moral of the story: even if you are like Level 50 Bajillion, if you are hauling Lucia around and feel like playing with Tarot cards, SAVE. SAVE OFTEN.

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Lost: More Babble

I watched the rest of the Season 1 box set Sunday. Twelve solid hours. My brain probably resembled a bowl of Malt-O-Meal by the time I was done. And now I’m BitTorrenting my way through catching up on Season 2.

The short version:

um wow HOLY SHIT what uh GAH uh LOL whoa WTF um wow dude

The long version

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Shadow Hearts: Covenant – never a dull moment

Blanca just went berserk.



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Shadow Hearts: Covenant – oh god

One of these days I’m going to make my standard numbered bullet point rundown post of all the FUCKING CRACK in this game. Actually, it may overrun the LJ post limit and have to be done in two or three posts because damn. Remember how I once declared Disgaea the most delightfully fucked up game ever?

Disgaea ain’t got shit on Shadow Hearts.

I mean it. Okay. So picture the OMG HORSE WIENER scene from Disgaea. And the giant Fembot Torpedo-Boob Jennifer images.

Now picture a game that beats you relentlessly about the head and face for 80+ hours with that caliber of WRONG… and worse. And, well, occasionally turns around, rips your heart out, and stomps all over it with big spiky shoes, but mostly? CRACK.
again, spoily to maybe two people in the whole world

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Lost: addendum to last night’s observations

babble, maybe kinda spoily, maybe just on CRACK

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Lost: Disc 3


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