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Dark Tower. Graphic novel.

*dead from squee*

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Shadow Hearts: Covenant – *really dead*

So… I, uh… met the gay tailor.

I’m what, two hours in, and already this game is giving Disgaea serious competition for the Most Crackilicious Game Ever.

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Shadow Hearts: Covenant – *SNERK*

As soon as you put in the disc, it hits you with something like:
spoily for, like two people in the whole world, probably

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Lost: Disc 2

More babble, cut for spoilers and those who don’t give a shit

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Lost: holy fucking shit.

As many of you may know, I don’t watch much TV. There’s not enough shit on it I like to justify paying for cable, and as for the stuff that comes over the airwaves, this apartment has the shittiest reception EVAR.

So my stepmom, as big a fan of Weird Shit as I am, fucking loves Lost. She has the entire first season on DVD. She has let me borrow it.

I just watched the first four episodes. …okay, three, the first two on the disc are actually two halves of the pilot.

Somehow, I have managed to insulate myself from major spoilers for what, a whole year; about all I knew was that a plane crashed or something and people were stranded on a deserted island with a robot dinosaur sorcerer from outer space, his pet polar bear sorcerer, and a shapeshifter in a suit or something. Also something with a hatch and numbers and stuff, but ANYWAY.

So I popped the first disc in tonight and planned on watching it out of the corner of my eye while I worked on BoT. Working did not happen. I was too busy being all HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS IS SO GOOD.
Only spoily if you have lived under a rock like me for the past year, probably

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Suikoden IV: On gathering armor bits

I need to make Ninja Set stuff to put on a certain character who very badly needs to be able to dodge a lot, thanks to a Rune that’s basically a big magical neon sign that says “FREE HITS” permanently stuck on his forehead. Which means everyone guns for this poor guy. But if he can dodge and/or counter, it actually works out quite well.

I had not been trading cloth like I should have. I needed Good Flax Cloth and Good Cotton Cloth. The trading posts had Bad.

So I finally got the trading posts to sell me Good Flax and Cotton Cloth.

Little did I know that this was the easy part.

I also require frog skins. Lots of them. Okay, no problem, I know where big frogs live, I’ll just stick a treasure finder in the support slot and go kill me some!


The frogs show up very, very rarely. When they do, they give me shit I don’t want.

Which leads to me shaking my fist at the TV and snarling “YOUR SKIN. GIVE ME YOUR SKIN. I WANT YOUR SKIIIIIN.” at the frogs.

This would explain the strange look I got from a neighbor when I went downstairs for a Coke a few minutes ago.

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My sole gripe with the Candybar doll maker: 1000+ hairdos all lumped together willy-nilly, such that I often say “FUCK IT” and grab the first one that’s close enough for government work. That said:

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Require fic-n’-pic recs. Suikoden IV, Aldo/Ted. Plz.

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Suikoden IV: just a quick note to say AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH

spoiler level: final naval battle

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Suikoden IV: Random babble

spoily, three days before what appears to be final stuff

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