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The kitchen.

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Suikoden IV: More babble

hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to Razril we go

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Gamestop was having a buy-two-get-one-free thing, and as both of the games I was actually there looking for (Suikoden 4 and Obscure for PS2) were $17 used, I also grabbed Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

By random draw, Sui4 was first to go in.
Early observations

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So after three days, I finally get Advent Children leeched. And then I bring it home and fart with all that is necessary to get it to spit out subtitles.

And then… THEN I find out… the subtitles… that came with the .avi that claimed to be English subbed… ARE IN JAPANESE. MAY I ASK WHAT THE FUCK GOOD THAT IS!? VERY FUNNY, PEOPLE. VERY FUCKING FUNNY.

…So then I got English subtitles and all was well. I haven’t yet watched it with ‘s special subtitles. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Anyway. Non-spoily version: I’m throwing in my lot with the “Pretty! But dumb! But pretty!” crowd. Because visually, it was absolutely fucking glorious, if… well, let’s put it this way. Most movies require a suspension of disbelief. This one requires a suspension of disbelief by a single strand of very thin thread, then swinging around in circles by the tail of disbelief, then throwing of disbelief out a fiftieth-story window into a pit of hungry disbelief-eating pirhanas. I mean, it’s been a few years since I’ve played FF7, but I’m reasonably sure nobody could fly. Anyway.

The story?

I’ve read better post-ending fanfic. Hell, I’ve written better post-ending fanfic, and my FF7 post-ending fanfic sucked ass. Okay, it had its moments, but overall? Feh.

And now, spoily.

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It has windows now! Also bedroom windows, but there’s not much special to see in the bedroom yet.

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A few shots of the rough and untextured Apartment From Hell:


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Got wild hair up ass to make Room 302 in Cinema4D last night when it was too late to actually really do so.

Today: walls, floor, ceiling, top and bottom molding, that bar thingy.

Tomorrow: Counters, windows and doors.

Later: Furniture and other fiddly bits. Then texturing.


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Fatal Frame 2: Fanart

Dead bishounen, with butterflies.

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MGS3: Ending

Spoily as hell

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