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It is slow and I am kind of bored.

I just hit up the Pit of Voles for Silent Hill fanfic.

So if you were wondering what those red stains on my desk and keyboard were, now you know.

…to the Voles’ credit, I actually got about three-quarters of the way down the first page of summaries before the urge to commit seppuku kicked in.

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Literature Of Children

If you have not finished HBP, come nae further I MEAN IT

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I just went through this folder of .wavs I ripped from the SH4 PC demo and plopped them into my Windows sound scheme. Mostly, it’s the little beeps and boops from the menus and such, with a few exceptions.

Critical stop = Walter laughs at me.
Exclamation = Ghost groans.

And now when I get e-mail, PuTTY makes the apartment-haunting noise.

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