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…oh yeah, I got Rebirth #6 too, didn’t I?

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And now, the spoily version.
Cut, although there ain’t much to spoil

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Silent Hill: The Grinning Man

I had high hopes for this book. I did. I wanted so very badly for it to NOT SUCK. I got it today. I read it. The verdict?

I want my $7.50 and that half-hour of my life back.

Seriously. It’s worse than Dying Inside, and that’s really saying something. Ciencin still needs to play the goddamn games, plus this story is particularly lame even by IDW Silent Hill comic standards. Stakal–Jesus, man, I expected better art out of him. I’m not talking about the cover. The cover is fine. The cover is great. But you open the book to page one and jesus god, who are you and what the fuck did you do with Nick!? I’ve seen better fingerpainting–and that’s just the INKING. The coloring? What the hell is that? Most of it looks like someone spilled some Kool-Aid powder in a puddle of iced tea on their Bristol board, let it dry, and then went hmm, that looks rad and slapped the inks on top in Photoshop and off it went.


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I just ordered Rebirth #6… and The Grinning Man.

That’s right, IDW. I’m giving you money in the hopes that one of your Silent Hill comics doesn’t suck. Please do not disappoint me.

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