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meme ahoy


Shut up. I don’t do these often. I’m entitled.

In no particular order: ten fictional characters I wouldn’t kick out of bed.

  1. Dean Winchester
  2. James “Sawyer” Ford
  3. Henry Townshend
  4. Leon Kennedy
  5. Desmond Hume (oh god please call someone “brother” again thank you~)
  6. Oulan (Suikoden 2)
  7. Kyle Rayner (not as Parallax, though. too many teeth D:)
  8. Geddoe (Suikoden 3)
  9. Bowman Jean (Star Ocean 2)
  10. Georg Prime (Suikoden 2/5)

…ugh, just ten?

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Testing and bitching

Dammit, with all the LJtrainwreckery going around today I forgot to watch Pirate Master.

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I has a feed (finally)


Add meadowminesfeed to yer friends list.

tl;dr version: Bad Behavior (the anti-spambot plugin I had) was living up to its name and not letting the LJ feed whackus have the feed. I shall have to find one that is at least somewhat configurable to replace it.


Re: Passworded Posts


There really isn’t much interesting to see there, I swear. About the only thing I’m going to lock down on the fandom blog is unfinished stuff that I’m not ready for the general public to see. If you really, really, really want to see my unfinished crap, ask.

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ToS this


This is where fancrap goes.

To do: tweak header image and various css bits to match.

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