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Could this be the end of the wank that never ends?

JKR: 1
RDR: 0

…yeah, it’s probably gonna blow any second now, you might want to stand back a little.

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HP fandom asplode in five, four, three, two, one…

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How to make an awesome Harry Potter-ish wand …from a sheet of paper, some tape, some hot glue, and some paint.

I have two finished and two cooling in the bathroom as we speak, why do you ask?

(the same dude has an improved version with a UV light in the tip, fuckin’ A.)

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I was planning to order the damn book off Amazon like I did book 6, thanks to the horrid experience I had with the book 5 midnight party.

And then yesterday my mom and I were at Sam’s gathering birthday party supplies and food… and there it was, right by the door. ZOOM grab book throw in basket tell Mom to guard with life while I go buy us something to drink.

This is how I spent last night curled up on a sofa with a can of diet cream soda sniffling over a childrens’ book.


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Oh HELL yes.


Rules for Quidditch played on unicycles.

If I could ride a unicycle, I would totally be trying to organize a league.

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