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Finished \o/


Final verdict: ♥.

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Is that a sledgehammer in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


Okay, well, it may be improper to actually play the game while the sun is out, but I can at least give you an update on the current contents of Travis’s pockets.

Melee weapons:

  • Portable TVs: 3
  • Big alcohol bottles: 4
  • Toasters: 3
  • Scalpels: 2
  • Meat cleavers: 1
  • 2x4s: 2
  • Small filing cabinets: 2
  • Screwdrivers: 2
  • IV stands: 2
  • Straight razors: 2
  • Kitchen knives: 3
  • Billy clubs: 2
  • Typewriters: 2
  • Iron pokers: 1
  • Sledgehammers: 5 (I like these and am trying to not waste them)
  • Meat hooks: 3
  • Toolboxes: 1
  • Crates: 1
  • Table lamps: 1
  • Huge wrenches: 1
  • Stacks of iron weights: 2
  • Katanas: 2


  • .22 pistol
  • Shotgun
  • 9mm pistol
  • Rifle


  • Energy drinks: 5
  • .22 rounds: 51
  • Shotgun shells: 28
  • Health drinks: 2
  • First aid kits: 2
  • Ampoules: 2
  • 9mm rounds: 8

Plus the flashlight, radio, maps, assorted notes, and spoilery items I shall not name.

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AAAAA! oh well played, you fuckers


Spoiler level: just finished up at the theatre.

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A couple more things


Spoiler level: finding an “artifact” that, if you know your Sophocles, should make you go “OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD DO NOT WANT” and seeing what’s on the other side of the door it opens

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SH0 GET \o/


oh god it’s beautiful ;_;♥

Here’s the thing: due to the nature of the PSP and its tiny crappy speakers, you really sort of have to use headphones with this game to get the full effect, and the game tells you so right out front. It also suggests playing in a dark room, but that’s kind of a given. Anyway, with headphones, the sound is awesome and you can hear something coming to kill you from the left or right oh god now I have the headphones off to eat popcorn and take a break to write this up and every time the building settles and makes a noise I go “D:!!!” but anyway.

Spoiler level: flushing the toilet in the Sanitarium.

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tl;dr version: bawwww

I have finished Shadow of the Colossus!

This time, I cut because there are actual spoilers.

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stop that, you’ll go blind

Now that I am free from writing obligations (for a little while), I took some time this evening to waste a Colossus.

Next on deck: #15! I already knew where this dude was; I’d found and investigated those ruins while I was out looking for another Colossus.

I figured out how to get up into the first level of the ruins by accident (OH GOD HE’S GOING TO STEP ON MEEEE–oh hey, thanks :D), but it took a little longer to figure out how to go higher.

Up onto the first catwalk! *crash* And down again. Up onto the second catwalk! *crash* And down again! Okay, I know I need to get up on his head. Back up the ruins, mighty leap onto his forehead, hang on, stab stab stabbity stab, weak spot dries up. Okay, let me just slide down his arm here and go regroup, and–oh hey, here’s another one. Ooo, this one makes him drop his weapon!

What’s that you say, mystic voice? Find his hidden vitals? That arm spot wasn’t them? Shit.

Find sunny spot. Shine beam on angry Colossus. Shine beam on head. Nothing. Shine beam on shoulders. Nothing. Shine beam on tummy.  Nothing. Shine beam on legs. Nothing. Shine beam on arm, noth–wait, what the hell?


So now I had to bait this big bastard into taking a swing at me so I could stab him in the palm.

Which, by the way, was hairy. Which made me laugh until my sides hurt. See also: subject.


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Son Of Tiny Turbo Colossus

#14: Oh look, it’s another one of those little fast bastards. After the initial near-fatal repeated ass-trampling he gave me, he wasn’t so bad. Climb, taunt armored Colossus with arrow, fall, repeat until fallen towers lead back to where I started. Climb, taunt now-naked Colossus with arrow, fall, run like hell to fallen pillar, jump on, taunt with arrow until naked Colossus forgets he is naked and headbutts fallen pillar with unprotected noggin, jump on while naked Colossus is seeing stars and little birdies, stab, repeat as necessary. Optional: ride pissed-off naked Colossus around field for a while when he gets up. Jump off and run like hell to fallen pillar.

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ha ha, got your belly

#12: Setting aside the thing where I fell over the stupid waterfall on the way to him, this one was pretty nifty. Colossus with power steering! FORWARD! *whack* LEFT! *whack* NO, YOUR OTHER LEFT! *whack*

#13: I almost hated to kill this one, because he was just beautiful. But sitting there admiring him wouldn’t have done much to advance the game, so I had to waste him. I fell off or completely missed those wings you have to jump on from the horse so many times. I swore at him so much.  And then he went to ground with about a stab left to go and I had to pop his belly sac thingies and get up on those damn wings all over again.

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