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  • Posted on September 28, 2011 at 3:22 pm

The Houston Area Ghostbusters may be passing on a zombie walk that’s set to go on next weekend.

The one we just did this past weekend was fun. Zombies, upon discovering a Subway on the corner they were stopped at waiting for the police escort to wave them through, flailed against the windows and groaned “SUBWAY! EAT FLESH! EAT FLESH!!” much to the amusement of the patrons therein. Zombies lurched in the general direction of cars and pedestrians and nobody got hurt or angry or offended.

The one next weekend has rules that make me wonder if there is some variant of zombie somewhere that politely shambles in a straight line with its eyes forward and hands at its sides, groaning softly so as not to disturb any surrounding living people.

Oh, and it also bans all weapons including “imaginary invisible ones.” I am not even making that up. ThinkGeek is doing some kind of Random Crap giveaway today and there was a blank on the entry form for a stupid question one might have; I linked to these rules and asked them if they thought I could get away with keeping my imaginary invisible gun holstered or if I should just leave it in my imaginary invisible car.

…yeah, I’m totally drawing a Polite Zombie right now. BRRRAAAAAAAINS plz. … …THAAAAAANK YYYRRRRRGH. … …NAAAAAAAPKRN plz. *dab dab*

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Up yours, CoS

  • Posted on January 19, 2010 at 12:12 pm

Helping: you are DOING IT WRONG

For some reason this almost makes me madder than Rush and Uncle Pat’s bullshit–possibly because even if they were complete fucking assholes and said things that were completely fucking assholish, at least they weren’t flying over to actively scam earthquake survivors out of what little they have left.

If I were rich, I would fill a plane with food and water and real doctors and medical supplies… and recruit Anonymi, Guy Fawkes masks and all, to distribute the goods right in front of wherever the CoS has set up shop.