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Race for the Cure Pictures:

  • Posted on October 21, 2009 at 9:14 pm

I has some.

Videos: I has a couple of those too.

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An assortment of bullet points

  • Posted on July 6, 2009 at 9:05 pm
  • Starting Week 7 tomorrow; what this mainly means is no more intervals, it’s all solid running from here on out. Week 7 is also three runs exactly the same as Week 6 Day 3, which is good, ’cause that one was–well, it wasn’t bad, and the walk breaks I took were like ten steps, but I still took more than I would have liked and probably more than I actually needed. Also I was a tool and took one at a point that turned out to be twenty seconds, tops, from the end of the 25-minute run. hurf
  • All this time, I’ve kept lugging the Week 1 podcast around on my Clip because I knew someday I would want to break it out to see how far I’ve come. I did that Friday morning, two or three intervals of it, at quite a bit faster pace than normal, and that was enough to crack my shit right up because now I cannot believe I ever thought running for sixty seconds was hard. I haven’t quite had a run feel the way it does when I dream about it yet, but I’ve come close enough a couple of times to want to keep going.
  • ugh I have turned into one of those d-bags who wakes up at the asscrack of dawn to run.
  • I’m glad I gave Gu a second chance after a first less-than-pleasant experience with the strawberry-banana flavor (which I had to choke down with a whole bottle of water); the coffee flavor tastes like those little coffee hard candies, and the chocolate flavor tastes like something you would drizzle on ice cream. I’ve taken to sucking one of these down to top off the ol’ gas tank before I ride to work.
  • That and sitting on the couch for a few minutes with bags of frozen peas on my shins. Laugh if you must, but it has made a world of difference.
  • Okami is officially one of the best games I have ever played. I can’t play it during the week, because if I sit down to play it I’ll be there for four, five hours. I beat Crimson Helm yesterday!
  • I need the Ghostbusters game so bad. And The Conduit.
  • I am hooked on this shit, specifically the chocolate-mint flavor. Chocolate-mint flavored water, yes, I made the O_o face at it too, but it really is quite good.
  • I got stranded at work until about 8 tonight due to inclement weather–not so much the rain as the thunder right overhead. And then the thunder stopped and I ran out of Hetalia fansubs to watch, so I came home.