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  • Posted on November 21, 2009 at 11:39 am

It was cold and raining and most of the last mile was on dirt roads (or, more accurately today, mud roads) and my right shin has been aching in a way that makes me a little nervous lately… and I still managed to shave a full minute off my 5K time.

Also this race gave out a very nice tech tee.

And the winner is…

  • Posted on November 20, 2009 at 1:25 pm

The Internet and my personal shortlist have conferred to pick my charity for the EP5K: the Houston Humane Society.

Go forth and donate, if you like!

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Race for the Cure Pictures:

  • Posted on October 21, 2009 at 9:14 pm

I has some.

Videos: I has a couple of those too.

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Addendum to previous post:

  • Posted on October 3, 2009 at 9:36 pm

Or maybe not so much goal #3: 42:06.

I saw 44:someodd on the big shiny clock as I finished, but had no idea what my chip time actually was because a) I did not even think about my stopwatch-equipped watch until like mile 2, where I promptly glanced at said watch and went “d’oh” and b) the calm and leisurely procession to the actual start line after the horn went off felt like somewhere between two minutes and fifteen years, sometimes both at once.

Also I forgot to mention the dude in the kilt. Because there was a dude running in a kilt.

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  • Posted on October 3, 2009 at 12:19 pm

So I ran a 5K this morning, and it was fucking awesome. I don’t know what my exact time was, as we left pretty much immediately after I snarfed up a bottle of water and a banana and they don’t have the results posted yet, but I’m fairly sure I finished under 40 minutes, which was goal #3. Goals #1 and #2 were “finish” and “not finish dead-ass last,” respectively, and there were plenty of blue bibs cruising along behind me so hey.

Also, for future reference: a tenth of a mile is a lot shorter than I thought. I passed the 3-mile marker, went “okay here we go time to start kicking for the finish line and–o shits what are the chip mats doing all the way back here? …oh lol n/m”

…I got up very early and it’s possible that I was not entirely coherent at that point, okay

Anyway, it is done, I lived, it was actually not bad at all, the volunteers were wonderful, the spectators were wonderful, the other runners were wonderful, and there was a guy dressed up as a knight riding a flamingo ahead of me.


  • Posted on July 18, 2009 at 12:20 pm

And I’m signed up for the EP5K! \o/

…in case y’all think I might have been exaggerating my worries of not getting to register before the damn thing sold out: the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon, which the EP5K goes with, both had caps of 11,000. Yes, eleven thousand dudes in each.

Remember: the 5K has a cap of 4,500.

When I went to sign up–just a little over 24 hours after registration had opened, mind you–the marathon was down to 1,850 spots and the half was sold the hell out.

But it’s all good! …well, except that they don’t mail packets and I’m going to have to bribe someone to schlep me downtown to pick mine up, but whatever. \o/

we are punchy today, oh yes

  • Posted on July 17, 2009 at 9:49 am

Spam subject line of the day: “Make your pecker your trump wassail semipellucid”

…I don’t know what a “trump wassail semipellucid” is, nor am I sure I’d want one, nor am I sure that if I had a pecker I’d want it turned into one.

Today and Tuesday I ran for 28 minutes without a walk break. On Sunday I do it one more time, then I move up to A WHOPPING 30 MINUTES WOOOO eh lol ok.

It’d be kind of anticlimactic if it weren’t for the whole “holy shitballs y’all I can run for half an hour now” thing.

And now I engrave stuff on little cedar plates and make the shop smell like fire as I wait for my paycheck and hope like hell the EP5K isn’t sold out by the time I change some money into plastic to throw at registration. yeah I have not even run my first race yet and I’m already wanting to sign up for another one.


  • Posted on June 15, 2009 at 10:36 pm

…I seem to have just signed up for a 5K.

This one, to be precise. There are a few reasons why I picked this one as my first (and hopefully not last) 5K, including one pretty big personal one–my family lost a very dear friend this year, and if I can maybe help that not happen to other peoples’ friends by doing something I’ve pretty much always wanted to be able to do, well, I’ma go for it.

SO: if you have a buck stuffed in your sofa cushions or whatever, and you could maybe throw it over here, that would be really awesome.

…as for the actual running situation: finished Week 3 yesterday, timed my first mile just for the hell of it and holy fuckballs, if that really is a 1-mile=1-lap trail like its markings indicate, I ran a mile in under 11 minutes. Yes, I realize a 10:47 mile is not terribly impressive to people who crawled sub-8 miles in diapers; those people are cordially invited to go sit on a tack because it is hella awesome to me.

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