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Road trip!

  • Posted on April 19, 2009 at 11:05 pm

Today Mom and I went up to Brenham and thereabouts to look at bluebonnets. Sadly, many of the bluebonnets seem to have been beaten to death by yesterday’s storm. But there were still lovely pockets of HOLY CRAP BLUEBONNETS, like these here at the Windy Winery.

This winery deserves special mention just because it has awesome wine, besides. It is so tiny–it’s a little bitty mom-n-pop operation, and we got to taste all their wines and they fed us cheese to go with it and they have chocolate truffles made with their Tejas Port that should probably be classified as a sexual experience. We ended up getting a bottle each of a wine that isn’t on the website–it’s called Blackbird, and it’s made with muscadine grapes. As someone who has picked and nommed a whole crapload of backyard muscadine grapes in her day, I was delighted to see them turned into tasty, tasty wine.

Then we had lunch at, of all places, the diner at the Brenham airport. Which was awesome for many reasons:

  1. The food was delicious, and fried pickles=autowin
  2. The place was done in a sort of ’50s-’60s theme, and all the waitresses wore poodle skirts
  3. We got to listen to recreational pilots laugh hysterically about things that are only funny to pilots while we ate

After that, we headed up to Independence, which is a tiny, tiny place. Just outside of it, there is the Antique Rose Emporium, which is part garden shop and part HOLY CRAP THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME ROSE GARDEN EVER. For one thing–well, here’s something you might not know. Those roses you buy at the average florist or the supermarket have all but had the smell bred out of them. They’re bred to look pretty, period. The roses at this place are all old-school roses that actually–gaspu, daishokku-smell like roses. Which probably doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but when you’re walking around this place and you smell roses in the air and you find that the scent is coming from these teeny tiny kind of anemic-loooking roses at your feet… well, that’s pretty incredible.

For another, whoever laid these gardens out… mad, mad props for creativity, there. I cannot even begin to describe all the awesome tucked into these gardens. There are kitchen herbs and ponds and butterfly gardens and a maze and a gazebo and little shacks and a yellow brick road and arches made out of pots and all kinds of crazy shit, including the sweetest bottle tree I have ever seen.

Then we headed homeward, stopped at a flea market and poked around, and then came home.