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  • Posted on April 27, 2008 at 6:41 pm

Coming to you live from The Black Beast of Aaaargh 3.0, which is connected to the Intarwebs AND playing music with no ill effects right now.

*removes Pentium 4 Inside case badge, applies Core 2 Duo inside case badge*

Yeah, well, it’s not a massive improvement over Black Beast 2.0–3GhZ from 2.6, 2GB RAM from 1GB, 512MB Radeon 2600 Pro (you shut the hole in your face, I like ATI, always have, you will not change my mind) from 256MB Radeon …something or other

There’s some accessory sound driver that doesn’t seem to want to install, but at least there is noise coming out of the computer that’s supposed to be coming out of the computer.

MAN I FORGOT HOW BUTTHURT WINXP CAN GET ABOUT MAJOR HARDWARE CHANGES, JEEZ. I couldn’t even get the damn thing into Safe Mode without doing a repair install.

I also got Cloverfield on DVD. And a DVD drive for Stepmom as fare for her dragging me to Fry’s.  (also lunch for Stepmom, but that is not here). And to properly break in the new hardware, I have something sitting here next to me that I haven’t played yet but am looking forward to.

Hint: there will be cake. ♥