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Uh oh.

  • Posted on January 6, 2009 at 10:31 am

In before blaming of free users

ETA: Now might be a good time to back up your journal. Just sayin’.

ETA2: While LJArchive or the software of your choice is slurping down your LJ entries, pass the time with a fun game: find the part of this page that made me LOL.

Son Of ETA: Okay, okay, folks, the chances of LJ totally going poof a la JournalSpace are probably somewhere between “slim” and “nil.” And apparently the number of people actually laid off wasn’t correct in that article up there. Still, a) booting a bunch of employees with little notice and no severance is generally not a sign of a healthy business, and b) it’s better to have the backup and not need it than the other way around anyway.