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The sacrificial lamb

  • Posted on August 31, 2009 at 10:58 pm

…sacrificed, of course, to my tastebuds.

As you may recall, I’m growing mint plants outside. And the regular mint plant just ‘sploded into leaves a couple of days ago, after I’d cut it back, and I needed something to do with those leaves that wasn’t a mojito or a mint julep or tea.

Enter one pound of ground lamb.

Mush ground lamb up with garlic, minced onion, and a small handful of fresh mint and basil and a little salt and pepper, let sit in the fridge for an hour, then crumble into a hot pan and brown. Slather some hummus on a pita, dump yummy browned lamb on it, and then top it with chopped olives and tomatoes and feta and a big blob of tzatziki sauce (and I am sort of but not really ashamed to admit I heard a chorus of angels singing when I discovered that Kroger does in fact have actual Greek yogurt and I would not have to settle for the lame watery shit you get with Dannon and the like) and om nom nom.

In other news, I’ve been doing my part to remedy the severe dearth of Hetalia gifs on the Internets.