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im in ur base, ignitin ur doodz

  • Posted on February 17, 2011 at 10:56 am

How to have fun on 2fort:

  1. Be a Pyro.
  2. Come out of spawn, head for your sewers.
  3. Come out of base via sewers, cross under bridge to opposing team’s sewers.
  4. Sneak up to opposing team’s battlements.
  5. Set everyone on the battlements on fire.
  6. Run like hell while flaming Snipers and Soldiers and the occasional flaming Heavy are busy jumping off battlements into water or running back to spawn or dousing themselves with jars of Sniper pee.
  7. Repeat until opposing team catches on and sends someone to the sewers to intercept you or builds a sentry at the top of the stairs or something.

I swear I must have done this like five times in a row last night before they figured out where I was coming in and even then, I still set the Sniper on fire when he came down to try and catch me before I got to the battlements. I LOL’d so hard.

This was one of those servers where the actual map objective (Capture the Flag in this case) was largely ignored in favor of just running around and KILLING ALL THE THINGS, but it might make a nice distraction tactic during a game where people are actually going for the briefcases if the opposing team isn’t watching their sewers.

Road trip!

  • Posted on April 19, 2009 at 11:05 pm

Today Mom and I went up to Brenham and thereabouts to look at bluebonnets. Sadly, many of the bluebonnets seem to have been beaten to death by yesterday’s storm. But there were still lovely pockets of HOLY CRAP BLUEBONNETS, like these here at the Windy Winery.

This winery deserves special mention just because it has awesome wine, besides. It is so tiny–it’s a little bitty mom-n-pop operation, and we got to taste all their wines and they fed us cheese to go with it and they have chocolate truffles made with their Tejas Port that should probably be classified as a sexual experience. We ended up getting a bottle each of a wine that isn’t on the website–it’s called Blackbird, and it’s made with muscadine grapes. As someone who has picked and nommed a whole crapload of backyard muscadine grapes in her day, I was delighted to see them turned into tasty, tasty wine.

Then we had lunch at, of all places, the diner at the Brenham airport. Which was awesome for many reasons:

  1. The food was delicious, and fried pickles=autowin
  2. The place was done in a sort of ’50s-’60s theme, and all the waitresses wore poodle skirts
  3. We got to listen to recreational pilots laugh hysterically about things that are only funny to pilots while we ate

After that, we headed up to Independence, which is a tiny, tiny place. Just outside of it, there is the Antique Rose Emporium, which is part garden shop and part HOLY CRAP THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME ROSE GARDEN EVER. For one thing–well, here’s something you might not know. Those roses you buy at the average florist or the supermarket have all but had the smell bred out of them. They’re bred to look pretty, period. The roses at this place are all old-school roses that actually–gaspu, daishokku-smell like roses. Which probably doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but when you’re walking around this place and you smell roses in the air and you find that the scent is coming from these teeny tiny kind of anemic-loooking roses at your feet… well, that’s pretty incredible.

For another, whoever laid these gardens out… mad, mad props for creativity, there. I cannot even begin to describe all the awesome tucked into these gardens. There are kitchen herbs and ponds and butterfly gardens and a maze and a gazebo and little shacks and a yellow brick road and arches made out of pots and all kinds of crazy shit, including the sweetest bottle tree I have ever seen.

Then we headed homeward, stopped at a flea market and poked around, and then came home.

Intarweb Fun

  • Posted on March 18, 2009 at 3:33 pm

There’s this thing called Akinator. You think of a character, it asks you twenty questions and tries to guess what character you’re thinking of.

For me, it’s been right twice, close once (right show, wrong character), and…


I was thinking of Ben Linus.

It guessed Captain Caveman.

I may never stop laughing.

Shooper Tuesday Thread Go

  • Posted on January 27, 2009 at 1:34 pm

So I have an imageboard now, kind of a smaller friendlier version of that other imageboard, and I thought I might try something: Shooper Tuesday.

Well, not much else fun happens on the Intarwebs on Tuesday, why not throw out a quick and silly Photoshop Phriday-ish challenge post every week?

There are no winners. There are no prizes except the adoration of the public and maybe a cat macro of approval. You can post anonymously if you like. It is all in good fun.

Fair warning: although thread is currently perfectly work safe and in all likelihood will remain so, DDChan /b/ is (as is only right and proper for a /b/ board) a NSFW-friendly board and there is a chance that some boobs or something might pop up on there.

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  • Posted on August 1, 2008 at 7:22 pm

Today I got up way too damn early and we went to Galveston for the trophy show thing. After that, and seeing as how we were right there, we went to the Titanic exhibit. It was incredible. They give you a boarding pass with a name on it when you go in, and at the end you can check and see whether you lived or died. I almost bought a piece of coal from the Titanic, but it’s kind of a tight week and a teeny piece was like $25. They had some necklaces and bracelets with teenier pieces in tiny glass bottles for slightly less, but putting it in a bottle shaped like a dolphin and using it for a fashion accessory did not seem like a dignified thing to do with Titanic coal. I might see if I can order a piece somewhere on the Internets another time.

Aunt Boss and I both lived, by the way.

I also neglected to mention that I has a Noble Rot. (special note to K-San: yes, I love the paper, it is precious and I want to keep it forever. XD)

I also also neglected to mention this.

That would be Ray, being kind of a doof. As he does. If he looks kind of stoned, that’s because he probably is. ♥