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  • Posted on March 7, 2011 at 12:53 pm

Dear dude on TF2 that kept going on and on and on and on last night about how you have no respect for Backburner* Pyros or W+M1** Pyros or flare gun*** Pyros:

1. If a Pyro has a Backburner, don’t let her get behind you. This means you may have to take some responsibility for watching your own fucking six.

2. If a Pyro is W+M1’ing at you and you are faster, run away. If you are slower,  jump around as much as possible and spam rockets/grenades/boolets at her and find a health pack/find a dispenser/find some water/scream for a Medic. If you are another Pyro, I am guessing based on your whining about Backburner Pyros that you have the standard flamethrower. Airblast and run.

3. …you’re seriously complaining that a projectile that moves fairly slowly, will probably not kill you outright, and leaves a visible trail is overpowered. Really. Really.

4. This all happened on one of those servers where the map objective tended to be ignored in favor of KILLING ALL THE THINGS for lulz.

*the Backburner is an unlockable replacement for the standard flamethrower. It does more damage on a normal hit, and if you hit someone from behind it critical-hits.

**W+M1 = hold W (forward) and the primary mouse button (fire), which is what noob Pyros tend to do a lot. It is hard to resist the temptation to do this, because in the right environment and with a slow enough enemy it actually works.

***The flare gun is exactly what it sounds like. It probably won’t kill your target if they’re at full health, but it might make them stop what they’re doing and retreat and yell for a Medic or run for health or jump in the water.

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