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The sort of thing that goes on in my brain

  • Posted on January 4, 2010 at 5:21 pm

So even though there’s just something about things like this–pumice stones included–that squicks me, I got a PedEgg the other day. I did this because my heels look like elephant hide and that bothered me more than the scraping.

It works as advertised, and it’s not that bad, but as I was egging away on my heel I thought man, I bet this thing would be awesome for really fine grating. I mean, you just about pay $10 for a decent grater anyway, why the hell not?

Which led to pondering the purchase of a second PedEgg, to be clearly marked and stored in the kitchen for culinary use only.

Which led to being amused by the image of the facial expression of  someone I don’t really care for at some holiday gathering as I approach them with a whole nutmeg and a PedEgg and offer to garnish their eggnog.

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