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  • Posted on May 4, 2009 at 1:28 pm

Sooooo I think I’m going to check this place out on the way home from work today, seeing as how it’s right smack between work and home and has been around for a few years now so it’s probably at least halfway decent and it’s cheap and I have a guest pass. Maybe I won’t flee screaming out the door.

I-I just have this thing about working out in front of other people, okay, though I tell myself it is the same sort of thing that made me not really want to play a DDR machine in public for a while and now that I’ve actually done it I am in love with it, but it is a little different, but I’m getting bored with working out at home by myself, but eeeeeeeeh.

Speaking of DDR, I think next week I may finally have saved up enough to spring for one of these HOLY CRAP GLAD I WAITED, THEY JUST KNOCKED ANOTHER $20 OFF.

[ETA: On second thought, uh, maybe I won’t be going to that particular gym. Yikes. ]


  • Posted on March 16, 2009 at 8:34 pm


(yes, C, but I passed the damn thing)

(yes, Basic, but Saber Wing is a hard fuckin’ Basic)

(yes, it’s actually Stepmania. yes, I used my feet and not the keyboard. yes, there is silly Engrish on the theme, other than the occasional weird Engrish it’s an awesome theme)

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Fuck Daylight Savings

  • Posted on March 8, 2009 at 8:22 pm

Right in the ear.

Also, twice today, I failed my first song of three (at $1.10 per 3-song game) because someone’s toddler jumped up on the DDR machine while I was playing–on the side I was playing on. Since it’s generally considered poor form to step on someone else’s child, I had to step off the machine until the parents of the small child realized their child was not where she should have been and came to collect her. Twice.

On the plus side, I have officially graduated from Basic to Difficult; my comfort zone now ranges from 5 to a slow 8. \o/

Hey, local folks:

  • Posted on March 2, 2009 at 2:15 pm

I’m kind of thinking about trying to organize …well, basically, an Old Farts’ DDR club. Would any of y’all be insterested? Or know people who would be? Incredible Pizza in Pasadena is about the only machine I can get to via bike, but if there were like-minded people I would be more than happy to cough up gas money to Dave & Buster’s once or twice a month or something.

This post brought to you by: being by far the oldest person stomping on the Supernova machine yesterday.

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  • Posted on February 22, 2009 at 7:02 pm

I just bought a $20 cable and spent three hours moving furniture around for one reason: playing Stepmania with video going to my TV.

As a bonus, the bookshelves my dad made are now in the spot I’d intended them to go when I first brought them home but couldn’t fit them in due to computer desk being huge and in the way.

Also, I found four Incredible Pizza game cards, each with either $5 or $10 on them, I’m not sure.



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  • Posted on January 23, 2009 at 11:31 pm

Well, it turns out ironhand@lj was right–that “basic cable” package I was ogling? When you first click the “channel listing” thingy on the Comcast site, it shows you a very attractive list of channels. But when you click for the printable version, it shows you a completely different fucking list. Which is local channels only. I sent a “WTF?” e-mail to Comcast, their entire reply was the list of local channels.

What they call “Standard cable,” which includes the channels I want, jumps way the hell up to almost $50 a month. Not only is that way outside of my shitty service tolerance limits, it’s just too fucking expensive period.

Well, I guess I’ll just keep watching my fake news at work and my Mythbusters and such at Mom’s house.

On the DDR front, I has a new mat. It was not terribly expensive, it should work with Stepmania (though I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll need a USB extension first and I’d like to get whatever cable I need to feed the Black Beast’s video to my TV) and it’s a pretty decent mat. The only downside… whoever decided this thing should carry the “non-slip” descriptor is on fucking crack. It slips on my foam mats. It slips on carpet, though not as badly. It slips on my hard plastic mats, though at least it can be duct-taped down on those. I still want a RedOctane mat someday, but this will do until then and hey, now I can play with two mats. :D

I have officially graduated to Basic. I’m getting As on 4 and 5-foot songs, and the occasional full combo. 6-footers are hit-or-miss–I’m either getting As and Bs or crashing and burning entirely on them.

And I got Extreme last week. It seems like Beginner on Extreme is harder than Beginner on X–lots more jumps. Extreme has a lot of music I like, though.

Ladies and gentlemen:

  • Posted on January 16, 2009 at 10:27 pm

I present my new obsession.

I got this last weekend. It’s my first DDR game. Now I want to go to Gamestop and grab every single PS2 DDR game ever made.

I, uh, still pretty much suck at it–I’ve been playing at least two hours every day, three or four on days I haven’t had to work, and I’m just now getting comfortable with Basic level–and I kind of go “eeeh I dunno man” at anything higher than a 5 on the difficulty scale, at that. Which is still a lot more moving around than I’ve been doing, which is really why I got the damn game in the first place–I haven’t been very good about getting my ass up and moving around over the last few months and my jeans are getting a little tighter than I’d like again. Walking around the track at the park has gotten excruciatingly boring. So does every workout video I own after three or four times.

This is not getting boring. I actually can’t wait to get home so I can change my clothes, throw the mat down, and waste a few hours bopping around like an idiot. I, uh… I don’t know about playing in public yet, but as sure as I say that, a few years from now I’ll be found selling plasma and fighting bums for aluminum cans so I can scrounge up a few bucks to feed the DDR machine at Incredible Pizza or something…

Although I’ve figured out an excellent solution to the crappy standard mat not working worth a shit on carpet (I got some of those foam floor pads that lock together like puzzle pieces and put them under the mat and HOLY CRAP WHAT A DIFFERENCE, aside from the mat working much better, it’s a lot more comfortable), I’m still going order a better one probably this week.

And I kind of need one with a USB adapter anyway. And I kind of need some sort of TV-out cable to connect my computer to my nice TV. Because I might have kind of downloaded Stepmania. Five words: “The Device Has Been Modified.” Of course I’m going to have to edit that one to dumb it waaaaaaay down, as it seems to only have a WALL OF ARROWS expert level but still, Portal remixes on a DDR clone, how awesome is that?