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For crying out loud, DAZ.

  • Posted on February 20, 2008 at 5:39 pm

So I guess Aiko 4 is out. That’s great. I’m happy the Aiko fans have something new to play with. More power to them.

V4.2 (which is required to use Aiko 4, by the way) is supposedly free right now if you join ArtZone and upload a profile pic. I say “supposedly” because I’m still waiting for the damn thing to show up in my account. [update: I just checked my account again and it’s there, ready to be leeched over real internet] And male morphs are included. That’s awesome. Even though we know perfectly well how much third-party support there is for the Victoria male. Even Vittorio never got that much love with regard to clothing.

Guys? You have these other characters that have been gathering dust for years. Michael? David? Hiro? You can get to work on updating the male characters ANY OLD TIME NOW, GUYS, WE’VE ONLY BEEN WAITING WHAT, FIVE YEARS?

Seriously! I mean, I’m praying for Hiro 4 and David 4, but I’d even be happy with an upgrade from poor old decrepit five+-year-old Mike 3!

I would like to know why DAZ neglects its male characters so. I really would. Yes, there’s Apollo Max for free. Yes, there’s the G2 males. Apollo doesn’t do what I need him to do, and I still need to buy $40 worth of morphs to get Koji usable. And it’s not because they don’t sell, and it’s not because people don’t use them–I know the DAZ forums used to be full of people clamoring for David’s suit and the Bishounen package for Mike 3 and and and.

I’m glad DAZ is having fun with its Barbie dolls. That’s fine. But some of us would like to put some men in the picture with them.