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Pants and Games

  • Posted on March 30, 2009 at 12:06 am

Two great tastes that taste great toge–okay, please don’t eat my pants or my games.

I made a pair of these out of one of Dad’s old T-shirts this morning. They’re very comfortable.

Also, I was poking through the Wii section at Best Buy this afternoon and found Lego Star Wars for $20. Well, I figured, $20, what the hell.

Oh God, I love it. It doesn’t even pretend to be HOMG SRS STAR WARZ GAEM. Starting bar brawls in the Mos Eisley cantina just for the hell of it is great fun–just walk up to some random character, whack him with a lightsaber, and watch mayhem erupt. Then do it again. And I just went through the “Escape from Naboo” bit of Episode 1 playing as Darth Maul and Indiana Jones. Bonus lulz: I got True Jedi with them. And a certain part of the end of Episode 1 loses a great deal of gravitas when a dead character literally has a x_x face.

And finally, here’s a fresh batch of Animal Crossing pics, guest starring spacemantis@LJ!

  • I say again: pigeon milk.
  • Rahm Emanuel would not approve of this
  • Shax comes to hang out and bring me peaches and let me rip off some coconuts! Fnordton is no longer a one-fruit town, many thanks to you, sir.
  • I then visit Shax’s town. I’m jealous–he got the castle gates. Also, that flag is awesome.
  • My new look isn’t disturbing at all, oh no.
  • Well, this answers two questions–that being, how long it would take for animals to start walking around in my designs and which one they’d pick first. It might also explain why Jay’s been talking about working out and then sending me on covert missions to buy him persian coats and crewel shirts.
  • And finally, I has a T-rex.

it’s my yar of Cthulhu

  • Posted on March 9, 2008 at 6:06 pm

I made a Thing in a Jar today. (cut for pic)

it’s my yar of Cthulhu- continue reading