*deflating balloon noises*

  • 11 September 2008


Aunt Boss kicked me out of work around noon, with paycheck. Cool.

I got to the bank just in time to watch every person who worked at said bank walk out to their cars, smiling and waving at me. Yes, the bank was closed.

Guess who then got to pedal halfway across town to cash her damn paycheck? Yes.

So I went back to the grocery store containing the closed effing bank, because I needed cat food and litter and toilet paper. And a pitcher. Because see, I know a secret.

There is this thing in my kitchen. Actually, I’ve got two of them in the bathroom too. You turn a knob, and water comes out of it. And if you use it to fill containers up before the storm hits (never mind the fact that as far as I can remember, even during Allison, our tap water supply was not contaminated or cut off), YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A RUDE TWAT AND GET ALL PISSED OFF AT THE CASHIER BECAUSE YOU CAN’T LIFT YOUR TEN CASES OF BOTTLED WATER TO SHOW THEIR BARCODES TO THE U-SCAN THAT YOU AND YOUR BASKET FULL OF SHIT SHOULDN’T EVEN BE USING IN THE FIRST PLACE, WHAT PART OF 15 ITEMS OR LESS DO YOU NOT GET?

…no, I’m okay, really.

Then I came home and had a mojito and a cigarette. First one in over two years. Yes, I bought one pack. I will probably throw most of it away. But it was that or try to find a different substance to smoke, and I’ll stick with the one that is a) cheaper and b) less likely to get me a partyv& ride. I REGRET NOTHING. except not buying an ashtray. oh well, that’s what outside is for.

Then I changed out of my sweaty bike clothes and took a nap with my kitty. And now I’m listening to the radio. Yeah, I’m staying put. Out of my entire family and all its houses in this town, strangely enough, my shithole apartment fared better than any of them during and after Rita. My power was back on the next day and may have never gone out. And the only time I’ve ever seen this street running in front of it flood ever was Allison, and it didn’t even come up to the first-floor apartment doors. So I’ll be fine.

ugggggggggh just go away stupid hurricane.

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